An easy way to lose weight?

How about the Smart Way?

We’re all time pressured and so most of us tend to look for the easiest  and quickest solution to any problem. So when it comes to exercising to stay fit, is there an easy short cut? Just how much time should we be spending on a daily fitness routine?
Faster than you can type the question, Google summons up an overwhelming 17,400,000 results (0.18 seconds)  Unfortunately we spend a lot longer sifting for quality rather than the quantity of results – an almost daily challenge when we are confronted with confounding advice from both reliable and dubious sources?
Conventional wisdom suggests 30 minutes walking each day is a good starting point. That’s been the recommendation for years from the World Health Organization in Geneva, the Department of Health in the UK and the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition for quite some time.
It’s not absolute gospel and many experts (and governments) now suggest 60 minutes should be the real goal, and perhaps for some even 90 minutes to prevent unhealthy weight gain. How can anyone fit that into the day?

Easy! What we forget is that this is not about spending a solid hour in the gym – but adding up our daily exercise so it amounts to an hour every day. That five minute morning rush to the tube or bus stop counts, so does the walk to the office, getting free step exercise whenever you can on stairs or even the escalator earns you a lot of extra minutes, and by the end of the day tired or not, walking home the long way round to add 10-15 minutes can top you up to 60 minutes without really trying.
A lazy stroll isn’t as good as a brisk walk. The aim is to get a bit out of breath and work up a sweat. And for the really time pressured, you can cut the number of minutes you need to spend each day in half by jogging instead.
And if you really can’t manage to do it every day (why not?) then you can ‘bank’ your exercise debt and earn credits by having really long energetic walks or runs at weekends to make up for the hours you skipped during the week.

How much did you move today? #watchfit


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