Day 351… WatchFit game made us lose 14kg!

(graduation date is out: 20th May 2011…the challenge extended to 379 days)

28 more days to go… (21 April 2011)

Lose Fat or Lose Cash competition was a GREAT success! The creation of the App to be taken to the next level!!

NO one actually lost their money. While it was a great drive and a big incentive in the begining, once we started losing weight together, we were more motivated by our own achievement more than anything. So we ended up playing on very friendly terms and by keep motivating eachother.

Together we lost nearly 14 kg with one participant losing the most. She came to me one day (she looked absolutely amazing by the way) and she told me how happy she was and she really thanked me for her achievement. While I told her that she has only herself to thank for, I must admit that I felt absolutely amazing by knowing that I had managed to inspire someone to do something which is making them a happier person.

Sometimes, it takes so little to inspire people and to create a viral effect of health and happiness!

What was the healthiest thing you did today? #WatchFit


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