Day 4… Walking for 32km to meet a monster!

25 April 2011

Spending the night at the Albergue in Mansilla was not as peaceful as in the church in Sahagun!

I fact, there was a monster at this Albergue, which probably even kept the neighbours awake…if not the whole town…without exaggeration! For sure! I have no doubt!

Ok I thought! I might as well use the time efficiently and got on with my emails…great idea! Although the monster’s un-patterned and completely out of tune sound distracted me every now and then, I was happy and was actually relaxing by working… until…

…My battery died! Great! The nearest access to a charging station without waking the whole Arbergue required me to walk across the garden in the cold! The thought of this made me convince myself of how important it was to find a way to rest after my 37km of walking…and then I remembered! “The guy in the front”…the one I had been asked to follow yesterday! He had given me a set of new earplugs just before he had left and said that I would thank him for it!

He was right! I was seriously thankful! I finally managed to fall asleep with them! It completely isolated all sounds…well, almost! (the monster was still filtering through but without damaging my hearing)

So, an ABSOLUTE MUST when you pack for your Camino de Santiago trip!

…Or simply don’t forget your credit card at home (like I did) and sleep in a nice hotel and get a nice rest for your big walk! 😉

Oh yes, I forgot to mention… I have forgotten my credit card at home! So beside the amazing people I look forward to meet at an Albergue, I’m trying to make the most of the little cash that I have left on me!

But jokes aside, sheltering at Albergues have so far been a amazing experience. I have met so many different people from all over the world! So many interesting stories and all so unique. It really makes you realise how much people are actually different to one another…and yet, similar enough to all leave home with only one rucksack on their shoulder and with an open mind creating this very unique experience… together!
Most Albergues also have kitchen facilities, so people who have never met before and don’t speak each other’s language, cook together, eat together and laugh together…the wine being a big help here of course!
So despite the noise, despite the fact that you don’t have your own bathroom and despite the lacking sheets on the beds (although I have been getting special treatment and HAVE been given sheets… by refusing to carry a sleeping bag) the albergue experience is a big part of the Camino de Santiago experience!

…Specially when you can sleep and you are fully rested!

I will soon find out how much rest I will get in Leon tonight!
To be continued…

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by paria on April 25, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    wow…it all sounds so exciting


  2. Oh it is… Something new happens every day 😀
    …And the monster was in the next Albergue, will write about it soon…


  3. Posted by Macy on October 7, 2011 at 12:23 am



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