Day 5…Camino de Santiago! Leon to St Martin

25th April 2011

To continue where I left yesterday…

Today, I woke up absolutely fresh, fully rested and even had a full treatment of laundry taking care of and a rucksack full of clean clothes!

I had one of the Albergue rooms in Leon ALL to myself! I was so excited that I didn’t even want to leave and I actually started my walk much later than usual…8.30am!!

Sometimes a simple going back to basic is all what it takes to appreciate things which we normally take for granted!

Don’t get me wrong… Thumbs up for 5* which would be my first choice anytime I have a choice!

However, luxury is only good, as long as we are able to fully appreciate it. Once its taken for granted, that is when it has lost its value!
Like anything in life I guess… Unfortunately, most often we take things for granted that mean the most and only realise this when its too late!

A good practice would be to have a quick look around and imagine that it was all gone…which would you miss the most?

…then perhaps appreciate it more and enjoy every second that its still there!

Philosophy aside… Today was specially interesting!

After a great sightseeing in the beautiful centre of Leon, I started my walk towards St Martin. I was really enjoying my walk and was proudly thinking how well everything had been working out and that I’m finally getting a hang of this Camino de Santiago thing…until I got distracted by ‘you have got an email from a specific sender sound’ in my back pocket.

Should I check or wait until the next break? Before my brain had managed to evaluate the question, my hand had already grabbed the phone and was checking the email… Ok! It was an important one…good I checked! I replied immediately and received another reply straight away…replied again and there it was again! Ok… After a few back and forth responds, I realised that I had to get back to Madrid…a.s.a.p. tomorrow morning!

Business calling!

Ok… Here I was in the middle of no where! I needed to get to the nearest place where I could find transportation back to Leon and then back to Madrid.

I started walking faster…I walked for an hour or so until I reached to a cafeteria in Saint Miguel. With my broken Spanish, I explained my situation and my urgent need to return back to Madrid.

While, the owner was looking for the best alternative for me, a man just entered. Ahhhh… shouted the owner…they started talking very fast Spanish and then the owner explained to me that the man was a family of his and was going back to Leon. Also that he would give me a lift but he just had to make a few quick stops for business…sure! No problemo para me!

So I went with him and pretended to be the ‘assistant’ while he was visiting a few clients whom all treated him more like a friend.

One of his clients was a restaurant which supposedly is the best and the most famous in the whole region.

Inside, there were pictures of all kind of celebrities who had eaten there before, including the Spanish ministers!

I must admit…the food was very nice but what surprised me the most was the wine Anta Banderas… which my host claimed to own in partnership with Antonios Banderas himself!

To be continued…

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sherry on April 27, 2011 at 11:23 am

    eeeeeeeeeee finished so fast !!!!!!!!!!!come on girl write the next chapter …lol


  2. haha… well, I can’t reveal everything at once 😉


  3. Posted by farideh on April 27, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    hi khoshlalam keh az har lahze astefadeh kardi va tajrobehaye khobi kasb kardi movafagh bashi azizam


  4. mersi mamane khoshgelam 🙂


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