Business calling! Santiago has to wait…

28th April 2011

My sudden need to cut my Camino de Santiago trip short and return to Madrid, brought me to a very interesting person and a serious entrepreneur! Real estate, winery…including the branded ‘Real Madrid’ and Antonio Banderas wine ‘Anta Banderas’, restaurants, coffee, chocolate… you name it!

I mentioned my project very briefly but I think I managed to excite him with my enthusiasm, cause he seemed very interested and started asking me a lot of question. At some point I actually felt like I was being interviewed with all the questions. The interesting part was that the whole conversation was in Spanish, so you can imagine how funny the whole communication was going with my limited Spanish!

We were using sign language, paper, hands, drawings…anything that would help us to explain ourselves, it was very amusing but it was working!! 😀

He kept saying something about ‘socio’ and at first I thought he was discussing social media but eventually I realised that he was talking about partnership…but didn’t fully understand what he was talking about. He tried to get one of his friends who spoke English to join us but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.  So we finally agreed that we will meet in Madrid where he would come with his friend…this will be an interesting meeting!

Business aside, the Camino experience has left me fully charged and with tons of energy! It was simply a unique experience…one that I would simply love to experience again and continue where I left!

I must add that it actually feels like I am continuing in a way…lol…I automatically wake up around 6,30am and I feel like I have to start moving! So I have been going to the gym very early in the morning and after 3 hours in the gym, I still feel like I could continue for another 3 hours!!! Of cause its not the same as walking in the nature while seeing the sun rise and listening to the singing birds, but it is a different kind of fun and of course in a shorter time, it allows you to really get a good work out!

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  1. Posted by farideh on April 29, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Absolutely agreeing with you! nature is the best!


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