The end of my 365 day challenge…

Is the challenge of life ever ending?

Over a year ago I started a 365 day challenge which was later extended to cover some additional challenges. I challenged myself to stay in shape by having a healthy diet and making sure to have regular exercise while completing my International MBA at IE Business School. The deadline has now passed and I have been postponing to write about it as I have been refusing to accept that it is all over now and that this will be the last post I make!

The final chapter needs to end with a conclusion but all I can conclude is that I have no real conclusion!

Yes, I completed my MBA successfully…Yes, I carried my project to IE’s Venture Lab as I had wanted from day one…I even made it to the final and attracted serious investors for my venture. I followed a healthy diet and I exercised despite the lack of time…So, is this the end of my challenge?

Like anything else in life, there are no endings, only new beginnings.

In a weird way, the same goes for fitness. Getting fit or staying in shape is not really a short term challenge but rather a lifestyle change. Every time we choose to see things in black and white, we make it harder or almost impossible for ourself to achieve our goals. With this approach, even when we achieve our ‘goals’, we are still not satisfied. A missed day at the gym, or eating a small piece of chocolate suddenly becomes the biggest sin we have ever made!  The guilty feeling as a consequence makes us forget all about our achievement to the extend that it might even damage our motivation and hope!

Regardless of what challenge we pursue in life, there are always distractions, changes and alternatives.

When we are faced with a challenge, whether an unforeseen or a planned one, we simply wait impatiently to overcome it. But this prevents us from really experiencing the situation in order to explore what the situation could have actually taught us about ourselves and about our strengths.

Most of us have made this mistake. I have personally missed so many amazing experiences because I missed to see the tones between the colours. It was either perfect or unacceptable! But perfection itself is a limitation! Sometimes a little flexibly creates opportunities that would never have been possible otherwise…

So…I will apply this flexibility on this blog and will not make this post my final! Instead of a ‘perfect’ ending I will continue writing and will share a lot of amazing new beginnings…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sherry on September 10, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Sometimes a little flexibly creates opportunities that would never have been possible otherwise…exactly, totally agree with you and loved it go on girl 🙂


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