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5 days left…


5 days left to launch…

After 2 years of anticipation, long working hours to pay for building a dream come to life and make a living on the side, long discussions and arguments with a tech team in another part of the world and where things are done ‘differently’, nervous moments about how to fund the next part of the development, waking up each morning at 4am to work according to a time zone so different to mine, moving forward against all odds….and just when I thought we had everything set up, what happens? The whole site crashes!

Time is ticking and I currently have no control and cannot do anything. Do I feel nervous, funny enough not as much I perhaps should? I have a feeling that things will be sorted in one way or another. They always do. The day the site crashed, a friend just turned up out of the blue and asked how things are going? So I told him about the problem and he’s respond was “oh…I happen to be very good at that, let me see…”

Was an angel sent to me?

He has since been working so hard to try and solve the issues until very late each night and up again the next morning to continue on what he left off only a few hours before. He is having frustrating conversations with the development team in a different time zone who are not exactly being cooperative to help to clear up the messes. Yet, he is smiling and keeping calm. With no expectations, not asking for anything in return and only trying to help. He must be an angel, right?

The project has been moving forward ‘magically’. Only a month ago, I was looking to find a project manager to ensure that the final part of the development runs smoothly and to help me to take over the project from India. A friend, who has a busy project of his own and a family including a little baby to take care of, actually made the effort to search through all his networks to find someone available for this job. Are these people angels or what?

So I set up a meeting with the potential Project Manager and immediately had a good feeling about him.  My only concern was the cost so I was waiting in anticipation to hear the news. Not surprisingly, he brought up the topic but to my greatest surprise he said “I will do this for you for free, life has been good so I am in no immediate need of money!” What?  Really? Another angel?

And two weeks ago, I needed someone I could trust to look into the final bugs and to do final testing on performance etc. A short email to a friend who I haven’t spoken to for a while… and the respond; “I would gladly help”

Words cannot describe my appreciation for being surrounded by such good people!

When help has been needed the most, help has come in different ways. Perhaps this is the reason why I am not as nervous as I perhaps should be.  Not to say that I don’t worry, I do…a lot! Most worried about the amazing guys who are working on this day and night to ensure that the deadline is kept regardless of the big challenge we are currently facing. They are taking the pressure on their shoulders and reassuring me that things will be sorted.

I see all these great people helping and moving things forward without any expectations and wonder why anyone would ever say that we live in a world where goodness no longer exists. It does and it is everywhere. We just have to be able to see and appreciate it.

There is no lack of good people and great circumstances… there is only the lack of appreciation!

How to achieve a perfect and happy life!

It happens to the best of us, we wake up in the morning and without no reason what so ever we feel as if the whole world is ONE BIG negative place.

We feel depressed, helpless and alone. “No one understands…the happy ones are the lucky few who simply have great lives… I am a victim…” Some of us might even be so pessimistic to think that those who are happy live in an illusion and cannot see the real world.

Who is blind? The one who can spot the colours even in the dark or the one who remains in darkness with open eyes?

But are these feelings really without reasons, or have we simply not taken the time to understand why we sometimes feel this way? Could it be that we actually suffer from a depression or is it simply because we choose to be negative as it is easier?

Depression could of course be the cause and the necessary steps must be taken in order to deal with depression. But is feeling down the same as being depressed? If that is the case, then we must all suffer from some kind of depression. In some ways it is always easier to blame the world rather than taking responsibility for our own happiness. But is this approach really better? And is this ‘easy solution’ really easy to live with?

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that happiness comes from within. Nothing externally is able to buy us happiness if we are unable to appreciate what we have already. You might be poor and unhappy and think that

winning the lottery would solve all your problems, but if you are financially successful and yet miserable, you remember the times when you had nothing and yet so happy because you had no responsibility and could enjoy real happiness with the most simple things in life.

Or, you might consider yourself overweight and envy every slim person and believe that a thin body would create all happiness you lack in your life, but if you have a perfect body shape but are suffering from a disease, you would happily be ‘less perfect’… only to be healthy again.

It is not life or our situation that makes us unhappy, it is simply us who find excuses to stay unhappy. If you are single and miserable and thinking that a relationship would be the solution to all your life desires and future dreams, you might want to know that couples with family responsibilities would give anything to just have ONE day for themselves…to feel free…The list can go on but the idea is the same.

We feel unhappy not because of the lack of things we have in our life, but because of the lack of appreciation to the things we do have.

Our mood is not an outcome of a situation but it is the result of our own perception. Our experiences and feelings depend on how we choose to see things.

Consequently, our life is moulded around our feelings and perceptions. There are many interesting studies related to this argument and a research undertaken at Yale University has even found that you can prolong your life by having a positive perception of yourself.

Is it your perception?

Is the issue that worries you really that big or does it just look that way because of your focus on the ‘issue’ and for failing to see the bigger picture in your life?

Simple tips to stay Positive and Happy

Smile more!

Don’t underestimate the joy of giving. You don’t need to give your fortune away. Sometimes a simple smile is enough!

“If the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy wtihin your heart, then in living I have made my mark.” Thomas L. Odem Jr.

Believe in happiness!

“If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward

It is all about your perception!

Try and see things from a positive person’s perspective! How would a positive person see your situation? Is it really so hard to see it that way?

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”. Buddha

Eat healthy!

“One should eat to live, not live to eat.” Moliere

Be kind to your self and love your body!

“He who loves the world as his body may be entrusted with the empire.” Lao Tzu

Great life is a result of a great outlook on life!!

”Our expectancies not only affect how we see reality but also affect the reality itself,”   Edward E. Jones- Psychologist at Princeton University